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Vintage Pulsar - Hamilton - Omega - Seiko - Casio
LED & LCD Watch Repair & Service Centre.

    We specialise in repairing and servicing old LED Electronic Watches made in the 1970's by Pulsar, Hamilton, Omega and Zenith as well as some other makes of LED watches. We also repair and service old vintage LC - LCD Quartz watches by Casio & Seiko. If you have one of these old watches that is not working we can most likely restore it to good working order. The repair service also includes ultrasonic case and strap cleaning and a new set of batteries as standard.

We provide a free estimate on examination of the watch before any work is carried out.

We now have some fine pre-owned old Vintage LED / LCD Electronic watches available for sale.

Please check out Watches For Sale Section, you may find something special.

LED / LCD Watch Repair and Servicing, LED / LCD Watch Battery Replacement, Dead LED / LCD Watch, Stuck Digits, Battery Drain, Magnet and Reed Switch problems, Non functioning Buttons, Quartz Oscillator, Quartz Crystal Replacement, LED Driver Transistors, Dead LED / LCD Segments and Digits. We do not restore or re-work watch casing or polish or replace the watches crystal glass.

Use this Adobe Acrobat "Watch Book-In Repair Form" Open and print the form. Using a pen fill out the form clearly so I can read it! Keep the top half of the form for your records, sending the bottom half along with your watch in a softly padded envelope / parcel to our address below. Please make sure the watch is sent Recorded Delivery as there is always the possibility of sticky fingers along the way! Don't make the parcel / packet too small for the postal system to misplace!

On receipt we examine the watch to ascertain the fault and email you the cost of repair. It will then be up to you to accept the estimate or reject it. If you reject the estimate then there would be no charge other than the cost of returning the watch back to you.

Pulsar LED Time, London, England. Tel: +44 (0)7905-671741