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The New PLT-2 Replacement LED Watch Module

The New PLT-2 Replacement LED Watch Module

Pulsar LED Time is proud to announce the release of our latest creation!

This is our new PLT-2 LED Watch Module that is based on our ultra reliable PLT-1 module. The PLT-2 is a direct replacement module for the Magnet Set 401 & Auto Set 402 Pulsar Modules.

The PLT-2 module will replace a faulty broken and non-working modules of the Classic 1970ís Pulsar P4 & Pulsar P4 Executive models with or with-out the Auto-Command Function or better known as the Flick-Wrist Function as well as the Pulsar Big Time vintage LED watches with Red or Green type LED Displays.

The original magical LED display from your un-repairable LED watch along with the magnetic reed switches and the plastic carrier are removed from the faulty watch and re-used with the new PLT-2 module, ensuring the same 70's LED looks and function.

Using the best of what modern technology is able to offer we have faithfully recreated all the functions of the original Pulsar P4 LED watch module.

PLT-2 Replacement LED Watch Module
Installed on a Pulsar P4 Plastic Carrier
Original Pulsar P4 LED Watch Module
A Corroded Dead Module!

Using the best of what modern technology is able to offer we have recreated all the functions of the original Pulsar P4 LED watch module.

Higher precision than the original module is achieved by using a high precision Flexural Tuning Folk Quartz Crystal which is housed in a hermetically sealed heat resistant ceramic package. The module is then factory trimmed and calibrated for even greater accuracy.

The modern Ultra Fast Trench MOSFET Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistors LED display drivers deliver a bright, crisp LED display across all display segments.

PLT-2 Module Guarantee
We Guarantee the PLT-2 Modules against defects for a period of 18 months from the date of purchase, regardless of the owner. We maintain a database of PLT-2 serial numbers to facilitate this. This Guarantee does not include old parts re-used from your old module and transplanted on the PLT-2 module.

Recommended Batteries to use
Recommended batteries to use with the new PLT-2 and the original modules are Genuine Swiss made Renata Silver Oxide type 357 (SR44W) 1.55 Volt Batteries or Energizer type EPX76 1.55 Volt High Drain Silver Oxide Batteries, not cheap copies from far east!

What we require and How to Order the PLT-2 Module
You have to send us your faulty watch or module, we would try to reliably fix your watch / Module first, failing that as long as the LED Display is good in your watch we can replace the module with the new PLT-2 module and get it working.

** We need your old module for its LED display, reed switches and the plastic carrier **

We would remove the Original LED Display from your old faulty module and transplant it on to the new PLT-2 module, then we would insert this new module on to the plastic carrier along with the reed switches that your old module came with to ensure you get your own parts from the old module back and not some ones else's old parts also it ensures correct reed switch alignment for the buttons.

PLT-2 Module Costs
The new PLT-2 Module costs £125 Pounds, and includes all the work needed to remove and transplant your old parts on to the new PLT-2 module.

We also stock Genuine Swiss made Renata Silver Oxide batteries at the cost of £4 Pounds each. If required, a set of rubber battery spacers will be supplied for free when purchasing batteries.

There is no charge other than shipping costs back to you if its not possible to fix your watch.

Payment can be with PayPal, Pounds Sterling Cheque or Bank Transfer. No need to pay anything yet until the Watch / Module is fixed and ready to be shipped back.

Price: £125.00 (About US$168.75)
2* Renata Silver Oxide Batteries type 357
Case Back Rubber Gasket / O-Ring

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Brian Rehg
    I'm not sure how old this site or posting is but I was wondering if you are still in business and do you still have a replacement for my P4 - https://pulsarledtime.com/The-New-PLT-2-Replacement-LED-Watch-Module-PLT-2.html
  • Author: Lindel Salow
    Wonderful! The watch we sent hadnít worked in almost 45 years. The workmanship was beautiful and the watch is working again...ready for to go for many years. Thank you
  • Author: Japanese Pulsar User Y.S
  • Author: Chris Sanzo
    So far so good. Really amazing that someone is doing this great work. The watches are showpieces. My daughter loves hers and gets tons of compliments. And now it works perfectly. Thank you, Ben
  • Author: Randall from USA
    Ben, I just want to express how impressed I am with the PLT-2 module you have designed. Your attention to detail is absolutely superb, and you have achieved truly original-style operation for my 46-year-old Pulsar - right down to accurate wrist-flick behavior.

    I now have one completely original Pulsar P4 Executive, and one reworked with your upgraded electronics. It is genuinely difficult to distinguish any differences in behavior between the two, other than perhaps a (welcome) slight addition of sensitivity to the wrist flick. Even more impressive is the versatility your module allows for other watch models from the glorious era of red LEDs.

    Well done!
  • Author: Al McCue
    I was extremely pleased that Ben was able to recessitate my Pulsar P4 Flick watch from the land of the dead. It makes me smile to look down on my wrist and see the same style watch I wore in 1976. The flick action and allowing the user to set the watch from just the buttons without a magnet (which was lost over time) is a total bonus.
    The only thing I would dock Ben on is communications. I know there is a pandemic, but an email stating the watch was received and another when it entered the queue would have been appreciated.
    Also, can I suggest adding an info letter to each watch returned to a new customer that explains the new procedure for setting time/date and the flick feature. Also the lovely warning that you sent me to never ever use alkaline batteries in the watch.
    - Al M in Calgary, Canada (Jun 2021)
  • Author: JAMES L MINGUS
    I have a P4 Pulsar watch with a bad module if you cannot fix it can you get a another replacement.

    From Ben, Sure that is what i do!
  • Author: Gary from San Diego, USA
    Hi Ben,

    My P4 executive watch arrived today. I used your setting instructions and it seems to be keeping time perfectly. It is great to have it back in service. Iíd like to thank you for the communication along the way.

    It was great doing business with you. I wish you the best with your pulsar LED module business.
  • Author: Vlad from Massachusetts
    LED display on my 1970's Omega TC 2 watch did not show date display. After contacting Ben, he was very helpful. The module was upgraded and the LED date display is now working. Also, it is much brighter and very easy to use outoors during Sunny days. Watch is now as good new. Keep up your great job. Highly recommended!
  • Author: Reginald Grifiin
    I have a P3 and it seems like when i play with it for a while it will work. but after about 2 hours it will revert back to displaying one or a few numbers. is this fixable?
    Reply From Ben >>> Hi Reginald, this area is for customers reviews, you should email me for quick answer.

    It sounds as if your P3 watch oscillator circuit stalls, this is the usual problem with these watches. Either oscillator circuit is not running or runs and stalls later. These type of problems as well as some other problems can reliably be fixed by module replacement.

    I always try to fix the original module, but for reliabality, power consumption and accuracy a replacement module is the answer.

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