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The New PLT-1 Replacement LED Watch Module

The New PLT-1 Replacement LED Watch Module

The new PLT-1 is a direct replacement module for the 1970’s LED watches made by Pulsar, Hamilton and Omega.

The original LED dot pattern display along with the plastic carrier and magnetic reed-switches are removed from the old broken / faulty corroded watch and reused with the new PLT-1 module ensuring original functionality.

PLT-1 Replacement LED Watch Module
Installed on a Pulsar Plastic Carrier
Original Pulsar LED Watch Module
A Corroded Dead Module!

Using the best of what modern technology is able to offer we have recreated all the functions of the original watch module plus more!

Four modes of operation, faithfully recreating the original functions of a one or a two button Pulsar LED watch module or Enhanced modes of operation offering additional features not available with the original Pulsar modules.

Higher precision than the original module is achieved by using a high precision Flexural Tuning Folk Quartz Crystal which is housed in a hermetically sealed heat resistant ceramic package. The module is then factory trimmed and calibrated for even greater accuracy.

The modern Ultra Fast Trench MOSFET Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistors LED display drivers deliver a bright, crisp LED display as well as a uniform dimming function across all display segments.

The New PLT-1 LED Watch Module Will Repair The Following Watches.

Pulsar P2, Module #2900 Single Button Time Only LED Watch.
Pulsar P3, Modules #3100, #3013, #3120, #3130 Dual Button Time and Date LED Watch.
Hamilton QTC Module #995 Single Button, Time Only LED Watch.
Hamilton QED Module #955 Dual Button, Time and Date LED Watch.
Omega TC1, Time Computer 1, Calibre 1600, Single Button, Time Only LED Watch.
Omega TC2, Time Computer 2, Calibre 1601, Dual Button, Time and Date LED Watch.

The Concept of Operating Modes
We have introduced the concept of operating modes with this new PLT-1 LED Watch module. The operating mode is selectable through the configuration menus and allows the module to operate with different personalities!

A single button (Time) or a dual button (Time) & (Date) operating modes fully replicates the original functions of a one or two button Pulsar watch.

One Button Standard Mode
PLT-1 LED Watch Module
Two Button Standard Mode
PLT-1 LED Watch Module

As well as the two standard modes of operation we have included two enhanced modes of operation offering additional features not available with the original watch.

Using the enhanced modes of operation a single button (Time) only watch would be able to display in addition to standard Time functions, the Date, Weekday and Year! A two button (Time) & (Date) watch would be able to display, in addition to the standard Time and Date, the Weekday and Year.

One Button Enhanced Mode
PLT-1 LED Watch Module
Two Button Enhanced Mode
PLT-1 LED Watch Module

Additional Settable Features
Regardless of the mode of operation of the new PLT-1 module, additional parameters can be set through the Configuration menus to enable or disable features such as low battery warning, variable display turn off delay and display brightness adjustment.

For more information please refer to the following pages:

User Manual for the PLT-1 Replacement Pulsar LED Watch Module.
A Blog article on the development of the PLT-1 Pulsar LED Watch Module.

PLT-1 Module Guarantee
We Guarantee the PLT-1 Modules against defects for a period of 18 months from the date of purchase, regardless of the owner. We maintain a database of PLT-1 serial numbers to facilitate this. This Guarantee does not include old parts re-used from your old module and transplanted on the PLT-1 module.

Recommended Batteries to use
Recommended batteries to use with the new PLT-1 and the original modules are Genuine Swiss made Renata Silver Oxide type 357 (SR44W) 1.55 Volt Batteries or Energizer type EPX76 1.55 Volt High Drain Silver Oxide Batteries, not cheap copies from far east!

What we require and How to Order the PLT-1 Module
Send us your faulty watch or module, we would try to reliably fix your watch / Module first, failing that as long as the LED Display is good in your watch we can replace the module with the new PLT-1 module and get it working.

** We need your old module for its LED display, reed switches and the plastic carrier **

We would remove the Original LED Display from your old faulty module and transplant it on to the new PLT-1 module, then we would insert this new module on to the plastic carrier along with the reed switches that your old module came with to ensure you get your own parts from the old module back and not some ones else's old parts also it ensures correct reed switch alignment for the buttons.

PLT-1 Module Costs
The new PLT-1 Module costs £125 Pounds, and includes all the work needed to remove and transplant your old parts on to the new PLT-1 module.

We also stock Genuine Swiss made Renata Silver Oxide batteries at the cost of £4 Pounds each. If not available a set of home made battery spacers will be supplied for free when purchasing batteries.

There is no charge other than shipping costs back to you if its not possible to fix your watch.

Payment can be with PayPal, Pounds Sterling Cheque or Bank Transfer. No need to pay anything yet until the Watch / Module is fixed and ready to be shipped back.

Price: £125.00 (About US$168.75)
2* Renata Silver Oxide Batteries type 357
Case Back Rubber Gasket / O-Ring

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tom Grossman
    I sent my vintage Hamilton QED Watch from the USA to be repaired. Pulsar LED Time (Ben Azari) installed the PLT-1 module while maintaining the watch's original LED display and magnetic time setting functions. I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the work Ben did on the watch. Email communication was great and I understood what was going on with the watch every step of the way. He tested the watch thoroughly before informing me that it needed a new module and the watch was repaired in a timely and cost-effective manner. There are just a few people who are capable of fixing these unique vintage timepieces. I would give Pulsar LED Time and Ben Azari my highest recommendation.
  • Author: Bill Lange
    My 40 year old Hamilton QED watch needed a complete overhaul. Pulsar LED Time replaced the module, tuned and cleaned the watch returning it in better working order than when this watch was first purchased in 1973. I give Ben 5 STARS and highly recommend that anyone needing to restore their vintage watch to working order have Pulsar LED do this delicate work. Great job Ben and thank you for your EXCELLENT service!
  • Author: Morgan
    Ben is absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond the call of duty to get my Pulsar operational. He kept me informed during the entire process. I would highly recommend Ben and his services to anyone looking to get their LED watch repaired.
  • Author: Hardy Wood
    I could not be any happier, thank you so much Ben. I had tried to find someone who could fix my Pulsar 3120 watch for a number of years. I bought this watch 40 years ago and now it works like the day I bought it.
    Thanks Ben
  • Author: Trace Marzano
    I purchased a Pulsar on August 9th 1974, the same day Richard Nixon left the office of president here in the U.S. I was a young guy and thought the watch was the coolest thing ever. I loved the uniqueness of it and it never failed to elicit reactions from people. It stopped working in early 1976 and it sat in a drawer since then. I thought the most I could do was show the non-working watch to people and tell them how ahead of its time it was way back when. Then I found Pulsar LED time and Ben Azari. After a couple of E-mails getting things set, I sent my old module to him so he could use some parts and Ben sent a new module back to me. After reassembling the watch, I pushed the button and saw the display light up for the first time in decades. I was amazed and transported back to another era with so many memories. As others have mentioned, I was kept informed every step of the way and the turn around time was very fast. Ben, thanks so much for bringing a wonderful part of my past back to life. If you have an old Pulsar or other vintage digital watch that needs repair, look no further than Pulsar LED Time!
  • Author: Jerry McPhail
    What can I say? Ben is amazing. His professional handling of my Pulsar P2 was just that. From my initial email inquiry to receiving my watch back in very quick turnaround. After searching for what seemed like forever all over the internet I truly felt the watch would never see the light of day again. After Ben received the watch and inspected he assured me that with a PLT-1 transplant it would again come alive. Last night I wore the watch out for the first time in over 35 years and was very proud to again wear it with pride. Thank you Ben for all of your expertise.
  • Author: Dan Robertson
    How strange it was to press the button on my old pulsar last week. For the past 40 years, I would occasionally take it out of the top drawer and press the button even though I knew nothing would happen. But last week it arrived from Dr. Ben and this time when I pressed the button, memories flashed as bright as the display before me! For a millisecond, I was back in the U.S. Air Force in 1974 in Biloxi, Mississippi where and when I had bought it. Very cool Ben! Thanks for the time travel!
  • Author: Bob Colston
    I have an Omega Time Computer purchased in 1974. This year the watch failed all I could get on the display was a single digit, I checked with numerous watch repair services in Swansea but no-one could offer any help. Then I found Bens web Page. He carried out the necessary repair within a week, I am realy pleased with Bens work and would recommend him to any one. Many thanks Ben.
  • Author: peter
    very good serves very quick exelant work thank you i would recommend ben
  • Author: Rob
    Very happy with the work to get my old pulsar running, only arrived today and parading around work like a peacock showing anyone and everyone ,thanks Ben
  • Author: Rafel Martinez
    Hi a live in Mexico, you can sed to my contry one module?
  • Author: Chris
    Ben does excellent work. Fixed my P2 and it's better than new. It is doubtless a labor of love for him. You won' be disappointed with his work.
  • Author: George Koo
    It's wonderful to see Pulsar 3 working again. It's been sitting around for the last 15+ years, hoping one day it may work so thanks to Ben for reviving the watch....... Great Work and Thanks. I just e-mail another friend who the same watch, we'll see if he's interested.
  • Author: Marc M
    Ben made **miracles** on my dead module Omega TC 1. The watch is now fully functional again with its new PLT-1 module inside... in bionic (ie enhanced) mode... It was a real pleasure working with Ben from start to finish... I shipped the watch to the UK (from France). Ben fixed it, polished it and returned it... awesome work. THANKS again Ben for your patient explanations and your hard work. Marc M
  • Author: kerry conner
    all the way from Chicago and back, 100% a great experience , watch sat unused and forgotten since 1978 . Brought this watch back from the dead.
  • Author: Jon from Sweden
    Hello Ben i need your help with my Omega LED Watch. Can you fix it for me please? I am thinking of using the Watch every day but it's not working OK! Which address can i send the watch to?

    Best regards Jon

    Hi Jon,
    For Repair please send your Omega watch to,

    Ben Azari
    Pulsar LED Time
    109 Booth Road
    London NW9 5JU
  • Author: Hisashi Momose from JAPAN
    Perfect service for LED watch:
    Ben made perfect repairfor for my Omega TC 2.
    I satisfied the condition in unchanged the 'DOT'LED type.
    My watch is working with early '70 LED module.
    Grate WORK and Thanks.
  • Author: Roy V
    Great work, Ben did a GREAT job on fixing my Pulsar, I would recommend PLT-1 to anyone that wants to get another 40+ years use from a timeless design watch. Ben made it painless to send from USA to England and back again. Thanks Ben
  • Author: Marc B
    My Pulsar stopped work in the late 80s. I had sent it out to different repair providers with unsatisfactory results. I came upon Ben website and decided to give him a try. After many years sitting in a drawer, I am not able to again wear my Pulsar, which now keeps perfect time. Ben's charges are reasonable and the turnaround time quite acceptable. Thanks Ben.
  • Author: Chris B
    Having purchased a non working P2, I read about Ben's work and after exchanging emails sent the watch for his attention. Sadly not only was the main module acid damaged, but the original dot display as well. Ben advised that both needed replacing and he would attempt to source the correct dot display - imagine my surprise when I received an email just a week later to advise all the work was complete and the watch ready to be returned.
    Having received the watch today, I cannot commend Ben highly enough in the quality of his work - the display is bright and crisp, all reeds work as intended just as when it left the factory in '73. Timekeeping will be judged in due course, but if it loses or gains a few seconds, so what - it's only time. Superb.
  • Author: Steve from Sydney
    Having owned a Pulsar P2 and having some reliability issues with it I found Ben's website. After corresponding with Ben i was able to send my P2 to the UK and have it repaired. My watch has a lot of memories and to have it working better than new it so fantastic. Thanks Ben, will certainly recommend any repairs or servicing to you AWESOME
  • Author: Steve Adams
    The module is fantastic and Ben does a great job fitting them into your old led watch very pleased this is the second watch that I have had brought back to life highly recommended
  • Author: David C Clarke
    My watch is absolutely fantastic! It feels brand new. A+++ rating for customer service and quality of (amazing) work. Thank you for bringing my old watch back to life!
  • Author: Carsten Bertelsen
    Is this firm still alive ?? I do have a Omega TC1 in NOT working order and is the price for fixing it still 100 £ ??

    Hi Carsten,
    This place is for customers review, you should email us if you have any questions.
    We are still here and will be fixing these old LED watches for many years to come. Prices are as advertised above!
  • Author: Paul malcuria
    Were do I send my pulsar Watch for repair. I’ve opened it sence new.Been in drawer for over 40 yrs. please fix and if possible buff to shine
  • Author: james
    Wow, the watch is now working after 40 years!, thanks ben, your new LED modules are great.
  • Author: Felix Alonso-Misol
    Quiero un calibre para mi Omega TC1
  • Author: Kevin
    I sent Ben my dead Pulsar P2. Not only was he able to bring it back to life, but my one-button time-only watch now has date capability! Outstanding work!
  • Author: Rigoberto Rodriguez
    I would first like to start by saying this, If you have an old 70's LED Omega TC1 or TC2, then Pulsar LED Time is the place for you. My father bought the Omega TC-2 Gold back in the mid 70's and the watch stopped working around 1980 or so. He tried Omega and they offered a replacement watch which he declined. Then he tried multiple watch repair shops across the USA and none could repair. He passed it on to me 20 yrs ago and I too had similar experience with repair shops so I stored it. But a few months ago I tried to perform a seach on the internet, and to my surprise I found Ben Azari and Pulsar LED Time! I was hesitant to send my TC-2 watch from Los Angeles, California to London, UK because I had no idea if I would ever see my time piece again. But I contacted Ben and he assured me that everything was safe and not to be alarmed. So off my watch went to the UK for repair. it took a few weeks due to mail and how busy Ben was, but after about 3-4 wks I got my watch back. and most importantly it is working! If you have doubts about sending your watch to Ben, please know that he is very honest and an excellent watch-smith. He really cares for these time pieces and his work is exceptional. I am so glad I found him and will recommend to my friends and family.
    Thanks Ben!

    Today's Date: 12/16/19
  • Author: José Paz
    Hi Ben, I have a Omega TC-1 that runs but has a few problems.
    1) Wen the watch gets to warm, It stops running - for instance if a wear it at night while sleeping or if I stay on the sun, it will stop working until it cools down.
    2) when the display if off I can see that some parts of the right digit are a little powered, a bit iluminated, not fully but just a little bit on.
    3) the watch runs too fast, in one day goes over one minute faster
    Can you let me know how to handle this, would you be able to fix the original module or require a replacement?
    Thanks a lot! I look forward to your answer. I am based in Madrid

    Jose paz
  • Author: Alan Sykes
    Amazing to have my grandfather’s Hamilton QED 995 in working condition again. Thanks for your wonderful service.
  • Author: Ron kerr
    I have 6 empty (no module) vintage P3 pulsar led watches that I would like to get working again. Do you have the modules for these watches?
    How much for each module? I would first like to buy 1 to see if I can get my P3 working if not I will mail them to you one at a time. Thank you.
  • Author: Tim, USA
    So nice to have my watch working again. When I first hit the time button, I was taken back to 1973. Thank you so much for what you do.
  • Author: Darren from Sheffield, England
    Hi Ben,
    I just wanted to say I’ve received the watch safe and sound and I’m blown away by how good it now works . The display is much better than before, I’m so so happy with the magic that you have worked on my dead watch, keep up the good work.
  • Author: Sammila, Australia
    Thanks, and many thanks for your professional and unbelievable work on my 1974 Hamilton QED watch, It is brighter, it works, and it looks better than the original LED. No doubt I am one of your very happy customers in this part of the globe. I am without doubt!
  • Author: Takaharu Tezuka
    I have asked him to fix four Pulsars.
    All are working fine.
    I am very happy.
  • Author: Rod, Canada
    Amazing fast repair on my Pulsar P3 despite corrosion and some broken parts.
    Nice to wear it again after 40 years. Thanks Ben !
  • Author: Karl from England
    Ben, I have received my watch and i am so pleased with it thanks so much for the work you have done i am very grateful thanks again.
  • Author: Eduardo, Portugal
    Finally the watch is with me. I don't have words to thank you.
  • Author: Jesper, Sweden
    Many Many Thanks Ben, Excellent Service!!!
    I received my Omega TC1 today and it works like new!
  • Author: Fabian Stoehr
    Durch Erbschaft bekam ich eine Omega TC1, die seit vermutlich 50 Jahren im Safe lag.
    Natürlch war auch diese Uhr defekt. Ich hatte dann mit Ben Kontakt aufgenommen und ihm die Uhr geschickt. Ben hat die Uhr sehr zeitnah repariert doch leider wurde sie beim Zoll in Deutschland zurück gesendet.
    Beim 2. Anlauf klappte es dann. Die Uhr wurde einwandfrei repariert und ich bin Ben
    sehr dankbar dafür. Die Uhr ist ein wervolles Andenken an meine Jugend und meinen Vater. Schön, dass es Menschen gibt, die so etwas noch reparieren können und wollen.
    Auch der Preis ist 100% fair. Ich kann Ben nur empfehlen.
  • Author: Marco, Italy
    Hello Ben, i received the Watch and it's stunning, Thank you!
  • Author: David, Australia
    I wanted to let you know that the watch arrived safe and sound and is working great.
  • Author: Stefan from ChronoScope Collector Watches, Luzern, Switzerland
    Ben repaired and installed PLT-1 replacement modules for two of my Omega Time Computers. I was very happy with the results and the communication. Highly recommended!
  • Author: Óscar, Spain
    I received my Omega TC2 watch back today. After 25 years with me thanks to you he has come back to life. Thank you very much for your work and help, I am very happy!
  • Author: Michael Damian
    Decent price!
    Fine site, sale in the background to the advantage of grateful readers.

    Are there other kind of module incl. 24h types available?

    Looking for a replacement which capable for motion activation for a Pulsar P4 (original Module #406).


    Reply From Ben,
    The replacement module for a Pulsar P4 is the PLT-2, it is capable of motion activation like the original module, but now with PLT-2 you can turn On and Off this feature to save on battery's!
  • Author: Laurens from Amsterdam - Netherland
    Hi Ben,
    The module has arrived and I have inserted it in the watch. It’s working well. I can adjust with the magnet and the time appears when I press the side button.

    Thanks for repairing the module and putting in the work. Greatly appreciated.

    Wish you the best.
  • Author: Javier from Spain
    Hi Ben!
    W O W W W W W W W W W W W W W W
  • Author: Eric, USA
    Received today. So grateful for your help my friend! You are a true hero at keeping these pulsars operational. Thank you!
  • Author: Jean-philippe, France
    You have done an amazing work and you saved my watch. I will recommand you to whoever need an expert to LED watches, you are one the few and probably the best!
  • Author: Dan, USA
    Nice work all the way around. I just got back from vacation and the watch was there. Works super and is shiny and nice. Thank you my friend
  • Author: Michael from UK
    Hi Ben,
    Got the watch back and I can't thank you enough!!! Been trying to get it working for 10 years!!
    Thanks you so so much for everything!
  • Author: Aurélien
    A very great work from Ben to ressurect this magnificent watch technology ! Thanks for the communication with Ben and his "after sale service".
    He loves what he does and we can see it through our watches :)
    Go without questionning yourself !
  • Author: Kee, USA
    Hello Ben, I am mailing my new watch to you today for repair from America. I am actually your return customer from 10 years ago! The watch you replace the module for me back then is still running great, Thank you.
  • Author: Kelley from San Francisco, USA
    You SIR are a master!
    I got the watch today as i was away for holidays and i am THRILLED! You've resurrected the presumed dead. Also the extra links are perfect and it fits great without being snug.
  • Author: Vladimir, USA
    Hi Ben,
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I inserted the "new" module into my Omega TC 2 housing and Reed switches are working perfect. LED date on the module, before sending to you did not show number for months. Now everything is working great. LED display is much brighter. In short, I feel that I have a brand new watch.
    Thank you again for all your help.
    Sincerely yours, Vladimir
  • Author: Thierry, France
    Hi Mr Azari, I recive the watch just now. A great moment for me and a lot of souvenirs. Thank you very mutch, it works right.Today is like Chrismas day for me!!!
  • Author: Chauvin jerome
    Bonjour, le module de ma montre pulsar p3 ne fonctionne plus. Pourriez-vous me dire si je conserve sur votre module de remplacement les petites leds et si avec celui-ci on a la possibilité d’avoir les leds inscrits en permanence.
    J’attends votre réponse pour vous adresser le mouvement
    Pourriez-vous me dire combien de temps pour cette modification
    Bien cordialement
    Jérôme Chauvin
    Reply From Ben >>> Hi Jérôme, this area is for customers reviews, you should email me for quick answer.

    The new PLT-1 replacement module will fix a dead Pulsar P3 watch!
    I will remove and from your old module the LED Display and use it for building your new module. So, yes the LED Display would be the same LED Display from your old module and will look exactly the same as before!
  • Author: Anthony L from Indiana, USA
    To all of you that have a love for vintage LED wrist watches, rest assure that if you have a frustration on how to make a repair, rebuild a module or any other work that needs to be done on such a precious and state-of-the-art gem for its time, look no further than "fixmywatch@pulsarLEDtime.com"

    Whether you have led watches that were not very expensive to the extreme expensive, this business that I ran into that is run by a man named Ben, is a diamond in the rough. I personally own very very expensive Hamilton LED watches and because of their age and not their condition, I was doomed to have watches where after 50 years the modules were just acceptable and not functioning properly. Ben took the time to assess my timepieces and install brand new state-of-the-art modules. Even though my watches had to be shipped from the United States to the UK, it was worth its weight in gold. He is truly an artisan when it comes to the craft and love for timepieces gone past. He is an excellent communicator and will keep you up to date with all that can be done and will be done to your timepieces. At the very least, you can always reach out with inquiries to find out where you stand. I am so happy that I found Ben because now my vintage Hamilton watches are brand new and ready for 50 more years of wonderful and aesthetic service.

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